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Friday, May 20, 2011

Cock Tease


It's been awile since we last corresponded via e-mail...everything is fine here in _ _ _ _. I hope you are doing well...the time we spent together while brief was amazing...lot's of laughs and given the chance our sexy talk about what we would like to do with each all along I thought you were --------! LOL we must have had one too many cocktails on the patio. You would not accept my invitation to go back to my condo for a cocktail and adult fun and you "had to go" so as you know I went over to the --------- and found nothing of interest...guess I still had you on my mind...and even thoe time has passed just know I still think of you often. 
Anyways just checking mentioned you were looking for someone to have some adult fun with on the side. Hopefully you remember me (to jog your memory I attached one of me from a recent trip to ----- ----- )...we were going to exchange pictures and sexy hot messages and video/web cam then we were going to connect in person the next time I was visiting -----. Are you still into doing that kind of thing? I hope to get back for a visit sometime in July or August. If you still have an interest, and this is a secure e-mail address to send pictures and correspondence...please send me a few of you first then I will know and send you the favor of a reply with mine. Hopefully we can have some fun playing on-line and again when I visit!!
Very Truly Yours!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tramp Stamp Club

Just read an excellent erotic themed Genre book on the Nook by Laura Cooper. She has a good way about writing and thought she deserved a shout out.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Party Pics and Hot Ass

 Nice Ass and skin on this girl below. However I think she had an ass job (not that it really matters) am I alone in that ASS umption?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A few pictures of Veronica in Black. She feels powerful and in charge in this outfit.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Slut Wife Fucking Hubby's Best Friend

My Hubby James' best friend is named Jim B. He is a really cool guy that my husband knew from college (former roomate). Unfortunately for Jimmy B he comes from a religious background (Jehova's Witnesses) that pretty much shuns normal sexual feelings and relations. He has a beautiful blonde haired  wife named Casey. She is also religious and believe it or not they had only had sex with each other! My hubby used to flirt with Casey though even though nothing ever happened beyond that Jimmy B told my hubby he had the green light to fuck her if he could pull it off but doubted he would be able to due to his wife's religious views. Jimmy B has known for some time that the Jehova's Witnesses are full of shit but do to familial and financial reasons (works for a big JW) has been in the closet about that belief. Jimmy B had been talking with me over skype for some time (I was getting marriage advice,lol) and it turned a little flirty. He told me that he was very sexually attracted to me and wanted to have sex but was nervous. I wanted to as well as he was always stylish, handsome and cool and asked Hubby what he thought. Hubby was happy to oblige but I said that went against our rules of fucking friends and people we generally associate with and I would decide when we would meet up. ( don't shit where you eat phrase ring a bell?) Jimmy B came to our house on his way to conducting some business the next day. We drank and got a little tipsy. Jimmy B never drinks and his wife would kill him if she knew. He looked hot but even though I wanted to fuck him I wasn't sure ...What if he fell in love with me I am in love with my hubby that would be weird (In fact he mentioned that he may not want to do have sexual relations for that reason) What if his wife Casey found out? What if hubby got Jealous? Anyway after drinking a little the cockwhore in me decided to get some action. I went and put on my black outfit in this picture. I came back and gave my hubby a long passionate french kiss. While kissing my hubby picked me up and moved me to sit by Jim and slid my bottoms open and started licking my pussy! I looked at Jimmy and started to kiss him, he was a good kisser but very shy. After a minute my sweet hubby realized that I was going to play and helped out a bit by first going to the bathroom and giving us some privacy and then later by taking my top down and telling Jim to drop his drawers. Jim was a little hesitant but eventually pulled his pants off to show his 9 inch hard erect cock. I sucked it for a minute then went to the bedroom. Jim and I were making out me touching his cock and playing with his balls and him playing with my tits. Hubby suggested Jim fuck me like "The whore she is" and so he started to do this and hubby then was licking my pussy when I was getting pounded it felt so good. Jim's cock was about an inch bigger then Hubby's and filled my pussy up. After a while we switched positions and fucked some more. Then I alternated between sucking both men off while I would sometimes get cock slapped in the face by the other. I felt like such a naughty little whore and had such a nice evening of getting fucked by two hot, horny and handsome guys. They made me feel special and admired my beauty and slutty nature. 

Jimmy B

Next morning after getting fucked like the slut I am

Sunday, April 17, 2011

2009 Lingerie

A few pics from a couple years ago. Oh yea guys, cumshots are welcome on any of these photos.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Favorite Position to Have pussy licked.

In Action


The one thing Veronica likes as much as getting fucked like a whore is to go shopping. She especially likes clothes that show off her sexy body in a fashionable classy way.

Veronica's Ass looks good in this skirt don't you think?


Just before going out on the town to show off the clothes... mm I mean sexy Slut

One of Hubby's lovers

Her name was Melanie she was very beautiful and nice.